Customer Gallery

Siobhan wearing a 1940s Grey Dress With Red Velvet
Lori wearing some 1930s sunglasses
Nina wearing a 1930s dress
Nikki wearing a 1940s Purple Suit
Jacky wearing a 1930s Pale Blue Dress
Laura wearing a 1940s Navy Blue Suit
Ashley wearing a 1940s Navy Blue Studded Dress
Jess wearing a 1940s Blue and White Dress
Rachel Wearing a 1940s Red Suit
Nina Wearing 1930s Sunglasses
Lydia wearing a 1930s Red Hat
Minouk wearing a 1940s Navy Blue Dress
Ellie wearing 1940s/1950s Hat
Carrie-Ann Wearing 1940s Fuschia Dress
Siobhan wearing a 1950s Leopard Hat