Welcome to Miss Dorothy's Vintage 
1900s - 1950s Women's Vintage Clothing and Accessories
Our shop is named after our Mum/Grandma, she was very fashionable during the 1940s and has always been an inspiration to us.
We are a mother and daughter team and we've always had a passion for vintage, our favourite era is the 1940s. We started this business in November 2017 and we absolutely love it. We have been reenacting for years and we have a wide knowledge about vintage clothing, we also have a huge personal collection of our own. any items that come in, we always take time to check all items and repair them, we have repaired thousands of items over the years to make them beautiful and wearable again.
Lucy has a huge collection of telephone cord purses and bakelite and lucite jewellery, she has a huge passion for the 1940s and has been reenacting her entire life, some of her favourite things about the 1940s is the elegance of the clothing from huge balloon sleeves to strong shoulders!
Judy has a huge collection of corde and crochet bags, sweetheart brooches and wirework make do and mend brooches. She also has a huge passion for the 1940s and she love repairing and making clothing, she loves a good novelty print dress and a huge hat!
We have an interest in other eras of clothing too, we love the 1920s, 1930s and the 1950s also, from gorgeous drop waist dresses, to bias cut evening gowns and huge novelty print full circle skirts.
You can also follow us both on Instagram where you can see our private collection and days out where we wear our finest clothing! 
Thank you for reading about us!